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Customer Service Training Ideas

Customer Service Training Ideas  If you want your organisation to deliver better customer service, here are some practical customer service training ideas, exercises and activities that will help you instil some of the key skills and attitude changes that are important. These are tried and tested techniques used by organisations both large and small to … Read more

Executive Development for ‘next level’ business performance

How often have you considered executive development for yourself? Senior people in the business world seldom schedule in time to focus on their own development and their effectiveness. Often it is just too tempting to carry on working as we always have – after all that’s what’s brought our success so far isn’t it? Well, … Read more

Top 16 Time Management Tips to improve productivity

Improve your time management with these tops 16 tips Having effective time management skills are skills that help improve your work productivity but also your home-life productivity. Here are 16 time management tips to help improve your time management skills and be more productive in life. Top 16 time management tips to improve productivity 1. … Read more

Leadership Skill Development – First session of the latest Axio Development programme

The first session of our latest Executive Leadership Skill Development programme took place on Wednesday the 26th. We actually used one of the Executive Boxes in the Stadium of Light for this session as the Hilton Hotel was having maintenance. The seven participants have varied backgrounds and experiences with some being in leadership positions for a number … Read more