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Chairing and Running Effective Meetings

For those who chair meetings – either face to face or conference calls – and want to make them more effective and efficient by maximising the contributions of all people present.

  • Principles for and roles within effective meetings
  • Constructing and using agendas
  • Skills & qualities of an effective chair
  • Managing time in meetings
  • Encouraging and managing participation
  • Small group sessions within meetings
  • Reviewing meetings

All who run meetings

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By the end of this one day course participants will have:

  • Learned how to plan and structure effective meetings
  • Practiced the skills of a chairperson
  • Learned how to manage activity and participation levels
  • Explored how to manage time in meetings
  • Developed effective agendas
  • Understood the importance of feedback and follow up

If you are responsible for running meetings and wish to make them more effective then this is the course for you

A highly effective, engaging half day course

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