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Business Negotiation Skills Course

Course Overview

Develop your team building skills and build your confidence as a leader, manager or supervisor with our effective one day team building skills training course.

Negotiation is an important part of the competitive modern life. Whether we admit it or not, our success depends very much upon how competent we are in getting what we want both in business and personal relationships. A successful negotiator knows his or her limitations as well as the needs and limitations of others, so that when he or she begins to negotiate they remain focused on the possibilities and the opportunities rather than on the impractical terms or impossible demands. 

This programme of coaching addresses the challenges of negotiating through the medium of practice and presenting ourselves effectively. The outcomes of this programme include more confidence and the ability to plan, prepare and deliver negotiations according to some well-tried and tested principles.

  • Competencies of a successful negotiator
  • Competitive vs Collaborative Negotiations
  • BATNA negotiations skills
  • Communication – questioning and listening
  • Behavioural styles
  • Negotiating for win-win
  • Principles for effective negotiation
  • Soft vs hard negotiations
  • Structuring your negotiations
  • Defining their position
  • Persuading, influencing and challenging
  • Negotiation from a buyers and sellers perspective
  • Interpreting body language
  • Dealing with objections and questions
  • Concluding a negotiation

This course is suitable for:

  • Primarily for sales people, but also for other negotiations, such as debt negotiation, contracts negotiating, buying negotiations, salary and employment contracts negotiations, and to an extent all other negotiating situations

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Questions about the Business Negotiation Skills Course

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Have the knowledge and tools necessary to be able to conduct any negotiation as a competitive and/or collaborative negotiation
  • Understand how to make the most effective use of time available for negotiation preparation
  • Appreciate the benefits of a wide range of persuasion techniques which are effective in commercial negotiations
  • Learn what both buyers and sellers are looking for and how they judge you during negotiation
  • Become aware of the most commonly used tricks, traps and ploys used in negotiation and more importantly, how to deal with them
  • See for yourself the factors which make the difference between effective and average negotiators
  • Practice a variety of negotiations and techniques and had professional feedback on their effectiveness

If you are wanting and needing to be a better negotiator and deliver improved results in all situations then this course will be an extremely worthwhile investment of your time and effort.

This is a two day course.

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