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Complementary Courses

Complementary Courses

In addition to our core training courses we also offer a wide range of  complementary courses which organisations will, from time to time, need as part of the ongoing development of their people. These complementary courses are usually custom tailored to the specific needs of an organisation and can either be stand alone courses or be delivered as part of a structured development programme, be that either management, sales or customer focussed.

Here is a list of these additional courses:

  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Planning and Organsing
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Employee Motivation
  • Leadership Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Praise, Recognition and Feedback
  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Train the Trainer
  • Changing the Culture
  • Getting More from Less
  • Telephone Sales Skills

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Questions about the Complementary Courses

Most frequent questions and answers

Why are these not part of the core training courses?

These courses tend to be requested less often and are much more specific in the areas that they target. We have therefore found that they are better when custom tailored to a customers’ specific needs.

Do these courses cost more than the core training courses?

In many instances there is no additional cost for these as our experienced developers have many examples of where they have specifically tailored these courses for many different situations. In a few instances there may be more work required and this would be at additional cost.

How quickly can one of these be prepared and delivered?

Usually within 10 days of initial request and consultation with the customer, a tailored course can be ready for delivery.


What might be the signals that tell me one of these courses is needed?

It could be a specific issue that arises with an individual or team of people. Or a particular business need related to market conditions or changes that the business wants to make. Many of these courses are aimed at experienced people where there is a need for additional skill development so that they can take on additional responsibility, deal with a specific project, meet changing timetables and schedules and/or manage a process of change within an organisation.

Questions about the Complementary Courses

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