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Whether you’re a supervisor, team leader, middle/senior manager or it’s your first time as a manager, our management training courses will ensure you have the necessary skills to be a great manager and leader.

chairing and running a meeting

Chairing & Running Effective Meetings

For those who chair meetings both face to face and conference calls and want to make them more effective and efficient by maximising the contributions of all people present.

delegation skills training

Delegation Skills Training

Benefits everyone whether they are delegating or accepting delegated tasks. This session looks at the benefits to effective delegation from the viewpoints of the organisation, the person delegating and the person being delegated to.

first line manager training

First Line Manager Training

Line managers needs to be able to effectively manage their time and other people. We'll empower you with the techniques and skills to succeed at both.

vision and goal setting

Team Building Skills

Develop the practical techniques, skills and method to articulate a clear picture of future success, focusing on short, medium and long term steps to achieve your goals.

time management skills course

Time Management Skills

Learn the skills and techniques to master your time more effectively and efficiently. Time management skills in the workplace and life are crucial, when wanting to reach success.

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Questions About Management Training

Most frequent questions and answers

What is management training?

Management training are a series of activities, developed to improve an individual’s or teams skills as a manager and a leader.

The majority of management training courses focus on building and enhancing soft skills, such as communication and empathy. However, it is also important to work on to conduct performance reviews and reporting to senior mangement.

How do I improve management skills?

  1. There are a series of steps you can take to improve your management and leadership skills, however, we’ll outline the top 3 steps to kick-start your management skill development.

    1. Attend business networking events
    2. Read management and leadership books
    3. Complete a management/leadership training course

What are the 5 key management skills?

Effective management skills are in high demand. Here are the top 5 management skills to develop:

  1. Problem solving: top managers can spot emerging problems before they’re apparent to everyone.

  2. Communication: you should be able to communicate effectively, in both written and veral forms.

  3. Time management: know how to maximise your time, so things of priority and importance are completed on time.

  4. Leadership: strong leadership skills are crucial to be an effective manager. Leadership is a combination of communication and a positive can-do attitude 

  5. Delegation: be efficient and know when to delegate, but know when to step in directly. 

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Management Skills For

New Managers

Learn and develop the key foundation skills that any new manager needs in order to manage employees effectively, professionally and to get the best from them.Text block


Begin a journey from management to leadership, learning about what differentiates the two, what kind of leader you are and how to adapt your leadership skills for different characters and situations. Text block


The benefits of having supervisors with strong skills include, improved communications, team interactions, stronger relationships, greater motivation and increased efficiency.Text block

Everyday Life

Feel more fulfilled in your home life and advance your career - our inspiring courses can help you utilise your role as a manager to bring out the best in yourself, your colleagues, and your organisation.Text block

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