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Employee Motivation Training Course

Course Overview

Employee motivation is a key component of effective leadership and management. Develop the qualities of teamwork and continuous improvements in your workplace.

People are an organisation’s biggest asset and it is vital that we get the most from everyone. Motivation, the ability to inspire peak performance from others, is a key component of effective leadership.   It is also a highly prized management skill for organisations looking to develop the qualities of teamwork and continuous improvement.

  • A practical definition of motivation
  • What do people want from their jobs
  • Motivation to work – a self-analysis
  • Distinguishing between the hygiene factors and the higher motivators
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Questions for evaluating and generating motivation
  • Effective employee engagement
  • Colleagues at all levels

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Questions about the Employee Motivation Course

By the end of this one day course, participants will have:

  • Defined motivation and identified what makes them ‘tick’
  • Understood the causes of job dissatisfaction
  • Used a questioning technique with enables them to understand others motivations
  • Developed skills to use this with a variety of differing colleagues
  • Planned a series of motivation exercises for their team/organisation

If you want to get more from your people and develop more of a ‘can do will do’ attitude within your organisation then this is the course for you.

This is a half day course.

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