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Questions about the Executive Development Course

What makes this programme different?

Traditional leadership development programmes prepare leaders for a world that is fast disappearing. Leaders today need to cope in an uncertain, volatile, and disruptive environment.  This executive development programme develops in leaders the key skills that are needed for the 21st century leadership arena. Areas such as inclusive leadership, humility, self-awareness, curiosity – both for differing people and ideas – and a willingness to be vulnerable and imperfect are covered.

What is an executive development program?

An executive development program focuses on many aspects of leadership, business and management, the social media environment and the fake news agenda. This program helps professionals develop new and enhance old skills in many areas of business, including areas which they have often not devoted their time to previously.

What does leadership development mean?

Leadership development is a programme that improves the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders.  It also supports leaders in coping with, and driving forward through, the uncertainties of the business world today.

Can leadership skills be developed?

Success in leadership depends on more than technical skills and a willingness to work hard. You also need soft skills, resilience, humility, understanding, a willingness to work with people who don’t think like you, self-belief and confidence. Some people have these skills naturally. They can though be developed with practice, support and application.

Further questions about the Executive Development Course

By the end of this programme, participants have:

  • Seen themselves how other see them
  • Developed high level communication, questioning and listening skills
  • Developed humility and the ability to better understand different types of people
  • Know how to get the best out of themselves and others
  • Understand how to read and understand others better and use this to improve performance
  • Held people accountable in a more effective way
  • Developed a robust, effective leadership style which allows them to make a step change in their effectiveness and results in professional life
  • Learned to communicate with conviction and belief such that people take much more notice

This programme is aimed at Managing Directors, Directors and Senior Level people who need to make a step change in their performance. Also business owners and all who find that the traditional ways of leading are not delivering the results they need

This is a highly effective, engaging six day course, usually with one session every 2 or 3 weeks apart. The final session includes an overnight stay with celebration meal.

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What our clients are saying

Simon Mettrick, Director, JPL Ltd.

The executive development programme has made me look at myself in much more detail identifying areas that I could improve. I am now getting through more tasks, better at getting other people to do more things and interacting with people on a more professional level. I would highly recommend this course for all people in senior roles, especially if going through a change process or have issues within the business.  

Phil Ryan - CEO, International Compliance Association

Dave is a talented trainer who understands people and who can communicate process succinctly and simply - massively impacting people's effectiveness in the process. His high energy and positive outlook is an asset - first class!

Andrew Richardson - Managing Director, Home House Club

Axio Development brought a new initiative to the development of the club and our people. The outcomes of the project so far, which is an initiative developing staff at all levels in the business, are improved communication, motivation, people skills and leadership.

Dave Lewis - Team Leader, Manchester City Council

Thank you again for your support and developing the teambuilding programme for the Private Finance Intitative. It was well received by both the Manchester Council and the Amey management teams. More importantly the outcomes were in line with what was wanted with greater cooperation and stronger working relationships.

Our next Executive Programme is in:

Our next Executive Development Programme starts in October. Read more about the programme, here.