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School training courses for Heads, Teachers and Support staff

Teaching is a profession that is under immense pressure to do more with less and school leaders are acutely aware of the impact this has on their team. For over 10 years AXIO coaches have developed school training courses and worked with schools to support the leadership team and colleagues in developing soft skills to complement their professional prowess and meet the challenges that occur from year to year.

New initiatives and innovations changing how schools are structured and operate, such as Multi Academy Trusts, are emphasising the importance of business focussed skillsets among leadership and management teams.

We are currently working with one of the leading MATs in Sunderland supporting their leadership team and colleagues as they work towards implementing Sir David Carter’s model: “Characteristics of successful multi-academy trusts” and aligning their business plan and Key Performance Indicators. This Trust is recognised by Sir David as being exemplary.

Typical school courses training programmes and  include:

  • Communication
  • Prioritising, planning and organising
  • Time management
  • Delegation
  • More effective decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Motivation
  • Handling difficult people and situations
  • Praise recognition and feedback
  • Developing effective KPI based objectives at all levels and reconciling them to existing Ofsted and professional standards
  • Handling underperformance and appraisals
  • Embracing change
  • Controlling excessive worry and stress

“The WISE mission is to Inspire Success and Excellence. WISE Academies set high expectations for staff and students in order to meet this mission and raise standards. For the delivery of this mission with the staff we have partnered with Axio Development. The development process that Axio have mapped out with us ensures that all of the senior staff will not only have their skills enhanced but that we develop a whole team ethos across all of the academies. This ensures sharing of best practice and enables us to best target the skills of the specialists in the team throughout each of the schools thus raising standards across the board. I would happily recommend that Axio could do the same for any organisation looking to build leadership capacity and improve results.” Zoe Carr, CEO, Wise Academies, Sunderland.

“I have worked with David and David at Axio Development over many years, starting before I came to Northern Saints. They have enabled me to develop my leadership and management skills to the next level. I have also widened this out into the whole of the management team at Northern Saints such that we now have the most focused, dedicated and committed team that the school has ever had. This has contributed to us becoming Primary School Joint Winner of the 2016 National Pupil Premium Awards and has enabled us to be in the top 100 performing schools for progress in the UK. The way that Axio work with you to really dig down, challenge and question all of your skills and then try new ways of working really fits with the ethos I have developed throughout the school and would wholeheartedly recommend that Axio can do the same for any organisation. ” Steve Williamson, Head Teacher, Northern Saints Primary, Sunderland

“Axio Development has been instrumental in the development of the skills of the whole of the senior team, myself included. The work that we have done and continue to do ensures that the school management team is totally focused on the delivery of first rate education for all of our children. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our results and deliver even more for the children and our community as a whole and Axio has been a major factor in helping us achieve this. I would recommend Axio Development to any organisation that is looking to grow and develop better management and leadership skills”. Christian Robson, Head Teacher, Southwick Community Primary School

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Questions about the Training Courses for Teachers & Support Staff

Every school has unique people and challenges. You are right to think that any courses or development you do will have to be tailored specifically for your people and environment. If you also believe that there are areas where the school staff need to be more ‘businesslike’ then you are not alone. The schools that we partner with thought the same and the solutions we developed with them provided the impetus for greater staff performance across the board. If this is what’s needed for your school then get in touch for a discussion today.

We have long experience of working with schools and are able to offer a range of ways in which any training can be delivered. From inset days to two or three short sessions throughout the day or even after school hours, there is a solution that can accommodate your operational needs.

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