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Complaint Handling Training Course

Course Overview

This complaint handling training course will enable you and your people to build robustness in handling complaints from customers, stakeholders and colleagues. It will provide participants with the confidence and skills necessary to improve their professionalism and become adept at turning a complaining customer into a valuable champion of your business.

This complaint handling training course enables you to develop an action plan identifying the key changes to make, and skills to use, to ensure you can handle any complaint effectively. It will enable you to stay calm at all times regardless of the pressure of the situation and deal with the many differing types of people we have to contend with. Many customers today demand speed, quality, and delivery and they are quick to complain when their expectations are not met. Learning how to deal with these situations will increase your professionalism and that of your organisation.

Key skills for complaint handling

  • Why customers complain
  • Structure for handling complaints
  • Key skills and techniques
  • What happens when complaints are not handled well
  • Benefits of handling complaints effectively

Rapport and communication

  • Communication challenges
  • Building rapport with customers quickly
  • Using a verbal handshake
  • Telephone, email and written communication
  • Recognising communication styles
  • Adapting your communication style to the customer

Maintaining control during complaint handling

  • Using more positive language
  • Being assertive under pressure
  • Managing attitudes – yours and theirs

Understanding customer needs

  • Using open questions to steer the complaint
  • Using the questioning funnel
  • The listening ladder

Dealing with customer emotional responses

  • Managing your personal response
  • Avoiding fight or flight responses
  • Techniques to defuse anger and other emotional responses
  • Moving on from the emotion

Agreeing the right course of action for the customers 

  • Achieving a win/win outcome for both parties
  • Clarifying what you will do
  • When to escalating complaints
  • Making commitments and doing what you say you will

Handling work based complaints

  • Skills and techniques for written complaints
  • Practising real world complaint scenarios
  • How to apply in practice

Course summary and next steps

  • Review of learning
  • Action planning for future success
  • Individual feedback

The complaint handling training course will be supported with:

  • An pre-course ‘Milestones for Success’ questionnaire
  • A colour printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes

This course is suitable for:

  • Customer service teams and individuals and all colleagues who have interactions with customers and suppliers

Download your free Milestones self assessment sheet here: Milestones to Success – Complaint Handling

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Questions about the Complaint Handling Course

In order that they all have a consistency of approach, the skills and confidence to deal with all eventualities and the knowledge that the company values their professionalism in dealing with customer complaints.

A customer complaint highlights a problem, either with your product, employees or internal processes. By hearing these problems directly from your customers, you can investigate and provide redress. Complaints handling management is an essential part of customer service and business success. It is the means to gather valuable customer insights, it helps your company to drive improvements that lead to reduced costs, increased profitability and increased customer satisfaction

To ensure prompt, fair, objective investigation and resolution complaints and grievances form customers. Complaints and grievances must be managed in a professional manner to ensure proper investigation and a timely resolution for all parties.

By the end of this complaint training course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the key skills and qualities needed to handlecustomer complaints in a professional effective manne
  • Built skills in building rapport and engaging with the custome
  • Show empathy with the customer whilst maintaining control of the conversation
  • Clarified the customer’s needs through an effective questioning process
  • Developed more effective listening skills to better understand the customer
  • Diffuse difficult emotional responses from customers
  • Resolve real world work based complaints effectively
  • Transfer what they have learned back to their workplace

If you feel that you could better handle the complaints you get and use your skills to deliver a better customer experience, then this course is for you.

This is a one day course.

  • Listen fully to your customer’s complaint.
  • Don’t respond before you have all the facts,
  • Empathise and apologise for the situation
  • Offer and deliver a solution that satisfies both parties
  • Follow-up and thank your customer for their business

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