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Coaching & Mentoring Skills Training

Course Overview

Develop your coaching and mentoring skills to build your ability to coach and develop people in your workplace. Learn how to growth to your business, individuals and yourself.

In leadership positions today it is important that we not only produce results but that we coach and develop all of our people. In this way we are delivering growth both for the business and the individuals and also for ourselves.

This course sets out the skills needed and the challenges faced in becoming an effective coach and mentor.

  • Coaching vs mentoring
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Qualities of an effective coach and mentor
  • Principles of coaching
  • Managing our attitude
  • Managing their attitudes
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • The coaching development cycle
  • Team coaching plan
  • Using the GROW model for enhanced performance

This course is suitable for:

  • Prospective and actual leaders and managers  responsible for growing and developing their teams

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Questions about the Coaching & Mentoring Course

By the end of this one day course, participants will have:

  • Understood clearly the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Learned how to develop and agree coaching plans
  • Practiced holding people accountable
  • Applied effective questioning in coaching situations
  • Learned how to set out goals and milestones to deliver progress
  • Understood the importance of follow up and ongoing support

If you have to develop your team and get the best return on the investment in your people, then this is the course for you

This is a one day course.

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