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Delegation Skills Training Course

Course Overview

This practical delegation skills training course equips participants with the skills and a comprehensive range of tools that enable them to be more effective when delegating and to effectively assign accountability and authority to others. They will learn how to do this whilst understanding that they must still retain overall responsibility, whilst ensuring that the people they delegate to are in no doubt as to what is expected of them.

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Questions about the Delegation Skills Course

Learning to delegate effectively frees you up for the more important tasks, and empowers your people. Delegating work to your team is a key element of getting things done. 

  1. Decide which tasks you are ready and able to delegate. 
  2. Select the best person to delegate to based around skill development and ability.
  3. Prepare a delegation plan.
  4. Decide which is most important – method or outcome.
  5. Give clear assignments and instructions. 
  6. Set a definite completion date.
  7. Follow-up regularly to ensure progress. 
  8. Give credit and feedback when results are achieved.
  9. Delegate responsibility and authority, not just the task.

After completing this course, participants will have:

  • Defined delegation and understood what are the barriers which stop managers from delegating
  • Articulate the benefits of effective delegation and describe the effects of good delegation
  • Identified tasks that can be delegated and whether the method or the outcome is the most important
  • Practiced how to select the right person for the task
  • Practiced delegation in a variety of differing scenarios
  • Developed a process to review progress and give effective, motivational feedback

If you need to get more from your people and yourself and concentrate on the important tasks for your role instead of doing the work that others should and could be doing, then this course will support you in this and give you the tools to become a better manager and leader.

This is a half day course.

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Delegation Skills For

delegation skills for managers


Learn how to delegate effectively within your organisation, how to delegate with less stress and achieve far greater results.

delegation skills for leaders


Inspire commitment and learn how to show context to why you're delegating and how a person fits into the larger picture.



Develop your confidence to delegate and overcome your resistance to delegation amongst colleagues.

delegation skills for lawyers


Increase profitability, build trust, morale and increase the skills of junior lawyers by delegating with precision.

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With over 18 years in business, Axio Development has been developing people’s delegation skills in, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London and many more locations 

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