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Course Overview

Time management skills in the workplace and life are crucial, when wanting to reach success. We’ll teach you the necessary skills and techniques to master your time more effectively and efficiently.

This course enables you to develop time management tools and techniques that gives you more control of the time you have and how it is used.  The course enables participants to identify areas of their role where time could be better utilised and also ways to better prioritise all of the things they have to do

  • Principles of effective time management
  • Understanding the ‘time robbers’
  • Clarifying what you should be doing
  • Using effective time logs to see where your time is actually going
  • Managing interruptions
  • Prioritising and planning effectively
  • To do lists
  • Block time
  • Saying no in a constructive and effective manner

This course is suitable for:

  • All colleagues throughout the organisation

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Questions about the Time Management Course

By the end of this one day course, participants will have:

  • Identified ‘time robbers’ which reduce their productivity
  • Developed practical time management skills for scheduling, planning and prioritising work
  • Analysed where their time actually goes
  • Understand how time is wasted
  • Developed the use of the important/urgent matrix
  • Constructed more effective, prioritised ‘to do’ lists

Effective time management is crucial for everyone’s success and if you feel that you could be doing it better than this course will allow you to do just that.

This is a half day fully interactive course.

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