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First Line Manager Training Course

This course is now supported with online modules from our new parnter, Training Sensei

Course Overview

The purpose of this first line manager training course is to set in place a process of rapid skill development by means of achieving a shared understanding, and then application, of the appropriate management skills and methods to suit individual roles and situations.

These skills are vitally important so that new managers are up to speed quickly and are able to achieve the results, goals and outcomes expected as quickly as possible.  First line managers need to have effective organisational, people and process skills in place and on this course they will learn the skills and techniques necessary to excel!

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Questions about the First Line Manager Training Course

By the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as a manager
  • Be able to provide clear and effective communication to all levels and appreciate the importance of adapting their communication style to create understanding and rapport with others
  • Be able to use time to best effect
  • Apply their coaching skills to enhance team performance
  • Delegate  with  a positive and supportive attitude
  • Develop  effective team working methods
  • Identify and practise skills for managing difficult people and behaviour in the workplace

If you are new to a management position then the skills learned here will be essential to allow you to develop and prosper.

This is a two day course ideally with the days spaced 2 weeks apart to allow for application of skills.

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Further questions About First Line Manager Skills

Most frequent questions and answers

How to run first Line manager training?

Ensuring that they are trained and developed early into the role will enable them to get up to speed quickly and also produce results which positively affect the bottom line performance of the business.   

This is a quick guide/outline to follow in order to ensure that new first line managers are ready for the role of management.

  1. Develop their business communication skills

Business communication skills are some of the most important skills to master as managers, whether experienced or new. The problem is, this vital skill is rarely considered.  Not only is it important in the presentation, proposal and reporting functions of the role but also in the management of teams, and relationships in the workplace. 

  1. Improve self-management and leadership 

The most profound lesson a first-line manager can learn is that in order to manage others you must first manage yourself. In today’s business environment leaders are expected to lead by example and leading by example hinges on one major thing: consistency.

Everything from personal behaviour and thinking to decision making and relational skills should be driven by a focus on personal values that do not shift and change in any given situation. Effective leaders do not sell out on their personal values. 

  1. Ensure clarity of instructions and direction 

The most common reason why people fail in their roles is that they do not make it clear enough what they want their people to do and achieve and so the results did not come. This lack of results leads to reduced self-confidence and increased self-doubt.

  1. Encourage coaching and feedback to their people 

The second most common reason why people fail in their roles is that they give no feedback, either positive or negative, on the performance of their people. This leads to a more distant relationship with their people and a lack of motivation. Indeed poor performers begin to think that their work output is OK and acceptable.

The good performers among the team quickly realise that there is no benefit in them performing at the level they are, because there is no feedback and other seem to be ‘getting away with it’, and overall performance drop.

Why is it important to train First Line Managers early into their role?

Hiring or promoting new managers without providing them with the proper training can be a great disservice to your company, with serious negative consequences.

An unskilled manager can have a detrimental effect on the employees he or she manages.

The impacts of poor management on the team include decreased morale, poor communication, worker dissatisfaction, and a general decrease in efficiency and production within the department. This hurts the entire company.

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