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First Line Manager Training Course

Course Overview

The purpose of this first line manager training is to set in place a process of rapid skill development by means of achieving a shared understanding, and then application, of the appropriate management skills and methods to suit individual roles and situations.

These skills are vitally important so that new managers are up to speed quickly and are able to achieve the results, goals and outcomes expected as quickly as possible.  First line managers need to have effective organisational, people and process skills in place and on this course they will learn the skills and techniques necessary to excel!

This is a comprehensive two-day management development training programme. The first day provides an introduction to people management covering all of the key skills and the second day introduces further techniques and skills for becoming a more effective manager once the key management basics covered in day one are in place.

Many first line managers feel they are under pressure from all sides –  their more senior managers sometimes put them under pressure, their customers put them under pressure and even their own team members can put them under pressure. In addition first line managers have often not been trained in the arts of leadership and management. Indeed they are often ‘thrown in at the deep end’ when it comes to taking up their first management role. 

As a consequence, many first line managers are in need of targeted training designed to help them step up their performance early into their role. This two-day training course is designed to help first line managers to act more confidently, by giving them the skills and knowledge that they need. During this interactive course they will discover the main skills needed by all first line managers. Those skills sets are: 

  • Clarity of communication
  • Achieving goals 
  • Organisation and prioritisation
  • Performance management
  • Planning
  • Handling conflict 
  • Self-management  (self-control, self-confidence and self-discipline)
  • Leadership of others

The role of the manager

  • Understanding the role of the first line manager
  • Recognising how best to manage different people
  • Skills for motivating and engaging the team

Communication in management

  • Communication challenges and pitfalls
  • Impact of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Understanding and adapting your communication style

Effective time management and prioritising

  • Time robbers
  • Understanding where your time goes
  • Time logs and efficiency
  • Costing your time
  • Block time

Planning and organisation skills

  • Planning for success
  • Aligning goals and methods
  • Measurement and tracking skills
  • Overcoming obstacles

Coaching and feedback

  • Identifying coaching opportunities 
  • Coaching questions and using the GROW model
  • Active listening, summarising and feeding back


  • Recognising and valuing the contribution of all team members
  • Getting the best from different personalities
  • Motivation skills

Delegation skills

    • Benefits of delegation
    • Opportunities for delegation
    • Process for delegating effectively
    • Benefits of delegating tasks
    • Planning for delegation

Performance management skills

    • Purpose and benefits of effective performance management
    • Clarifying exactly what is expected of people
    • Monthly action plans
    • Giving constructive and motivational feedback

Managing difficult people and situations

    • The causes of difficult behaviour
    • Different behavioural styles – using Transactional Analysis
    • Developing strategies to deal with differing behaviours
    • Resolving conflict in a constructive way

Effective KPI based jobs descriptions

    • Clearly defining the Key Result Areas
    • Writing performance standards
    • Using SMART
    • Developing workable action plans

Accountability and responsibility

  • Setting accountability
  • Defining what ‘good performance’ looks like
  • Use of Monthly action plans
  • Managing underperformance

Decision making

  • Effective problem analysis
  • Sorting the facts from opinions
  • Decision making tactics

This course is suitable for:

  • First time managers, supervisors and team leaders

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By the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as a manager
  • Be able to provide clear and effective communication to all levels and appreciate the importance of adapting their communication style to create understanding and rapport with others
  • Be able to use time to best effect
  • Apply their coaching skills to enhance team performance
  • Delegate  with  a positive and supportive attitude
  • Develop  effective team working methods
  • Identify and practise skills for managing difficult people and behaviour in the workplace

If you are new to a management position then the skills learned here will be essential to allow you to develop and prosper.

This is a two day course ideally with the days spaced 2 weeks apart to allow for application of skills.

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What our clients are saying

Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross - Managing Director, Uber, UK

I would recommend Dave as a trainer and a business coach having worked with him for delivery of both client training and coaching and with the team here at uber. He is knowledgeable and consistently reliable.

Phil Ryan

Phil Ryan - Deputy Chief Executive, The University of Wales

Dave is a talented trainer - who understands people and who can communicate process succinctly and simply - massively impacting people's effectiveness in the process. His high energy and positive outlook is an asset - first class!

Andrew Richardson - Managing Director, Home House Club

Axio Development brought a new initiative to the development of the club and our people. The outcomes of the project so far, which is an initiative developing staff at all levels in the business, are improved communication, motivation, people skills and leadership.

Dave Lewis - Manchester City Council

Thank you again for your support and developing the teambuilding programme for the Private Finance Intitative. It was well received by both the Manchester Council and the Amey management teams. More importantly the outcomes were in line with what was wanted with greater cooperation and stronger working relationships.