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Chairing and Running Effective Meetings

Course Overview

This chairing and running effective meetings course is for those who chair meetings – either face to face or conference calls – and want to make them more effective and efficient,  maximise the contributions of all people present and ensure that the outcomes of the meeting are clear and deliverable.

Meetings are an inevitable part of business life today. Most importantly it is vital that the time spent in meetings is well used and the outcomes are clear and deliverable.

For those who chair meetings – either face to face or conference calls – and want to make them more effective and efficient by maximising the contributions of all people present.

Principles for and roles within effective meetings

  • Business meeting etiquette
  • Characteristics of an effective meeting
  • Preparing for effective meetings

Constructing and using agendas

  • Constructive agendas
  • Guidelines for agenda planning
  • Desired outcome planning
  • Outcome statements
  • Using the agenda effectively

Skills & qualities of an effective chair

  • Role of the chairperson
  • Chairperson questionnaire
  • Keeping control of the meeting

Managing time in meetings

  • Timing the agenda
  • Tips for length of each agenda point
  • When to allow discussion to carry on
  • When to close down discussion
  • Challenges with people who talk too much

Encouraging and managing participation

  • Techniques to encourage participation
  • Establishing ground rules for behavior
  • Creating interest and interaction
  • Small group work to encourage participation
  • Using energisers

Reviewing meetings

  • Purpose of a Meeting Review
  • Content and style of a Meeting Review
  • Principles for a Meeting Review

Chairing a Meeting Practice

  • Practice, application and review of skills learned

All who run meetings

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Questions about the Chairing & Running Effective Meetings Course

  • Clarify purpose and aims. Consider an ‘Outcome Statement’ which clearly sets out what must be achieved  or what actions must occur as a result of the meeting.
  • Create a realistic, timed agenda.
  • Schedule the timing and location of the meeting.
  • Inform the participants and send out the agenda. 
  • Circulate any supporting information which will be needed.
  • If you are the chair of the meeting, plan your strategy.
  • If minutes need to be taken arrange for someone to do them.
  1. Stick to the agenda and follow it in order. Keep a close eye on timings.
  2. Don’t allow one person to dominate. Only allow one speaker at a time. 
  3. Include all participants – the quiet ones have good ideas too.
  4. Summarise at the end of each agenda item, including who is going to what by when.
  5. Focus on solutions to problems. 
  6. Do not allow people to hijack or derail the meeting agenda.
  7. Ask tough questions.
  8. Summarise all actions at the and of the meeting

By the end of this one day course participants will have:

  • Learned how to plan and structure effective meetings
  • Practiced the skills of a chairperson
  • Learned how to manage activity and participation levels
  • Explored how to manage time in meetings
  • Developed effective agendas
  • Understood the importance of feedback and follow up

If you are responsible for running meetings and wish to make them more effective then this is the course for you

A highly effective, engaging half day course

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