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Presentation Skills Training Course

Course Overview

Develop the ability to communicate with impact, overcome nervousness when speaking to large crowds, handle questions and interruptions and deliver with confidence and influence.

This presentation skills course enables people to develop the ability to communicate with impact and present well,  an important part of business today. Whether engineer or accountant,  sales person or executive, the harsh reality is that in both formal and informal situations, decisions are often made on your personal performance alone.

This course addresses the challenges that people have with effective presenting and getting our message across with conviction and impact.

  • Preparing yourself
  • Overcoming nervouseness
  • Preparing the content and structure
  • Understanding the audience
  • Effective openings and closings
  • Handling questions and interruptions
  • Delivering with confidence and influence
  • Building flexibility and power into your presentations

Anyone who has to make more of an impact with what they say and how they say it to customers, colleagues, decision makers and influencers whether in formal / structured  presentation situations or ad-hoc discussions 

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Questions about the Presentation Skills Course

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Practiced several presentations in real life situations
  • Learnt how to prepare themselves mentally
  • Understood and practiced the way to construct an effective presentation
  • Overcome barriers and nerves
  • Communicated with impact and conviction
  • Handled questions effectively during a presentation
  • Learned how to leave the audience with a powerful message

The presentation skills course is for all who need to motivate people into action and deliver a confident, consistent message with their communications. This is for both formal and informal presentations

This is an interactive one day course, designed for colleagues at all levels

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