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Telephone Sales Skills Course

Course Overview

Successful telephone sales skills increase overall business sales, but help penetrate new markets and help differentiate you from the competition. Learn the vital skills to increase revenue and beat competitors!

Increasingly office based sales teams are targeted to increase sales to penetrate new markets, but differentiating ourselves to stand out from the crowd and sell successfully by telephone can be tough. 

This course delivers all of the skills needed and gives practical tips, examples and practice in telephone selling and also helps individuals and teams to build their confidence and success rate in the telesales environment.

  • Targeting the right prospects and customers to generate the best results
  • Develop call structures to ensure productive conversations achieve set objectives
  • Techniques for managing objections confidently and professionally
  • Tools, techniques and practice in a variety of scenarios
  • Building the confidence to succeed and enjoy your pro-active role
  • Effective communication, questioning and listening

This course is suitable for:

  • All who are tasked with telephone sales and customer interactions

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Questions about the Telephone Sales Skills Course

By the end of this  course, participants will have:

  • Built your knowledge and your competencies in sales skills, interpersonal skills and rapport building
  • Set measureable outcomes and goals for each call
  • Adapted your language to project a confident approach and control the call more
  • Create and use strategies for getting through to your contact
  • Reduced the initial resistance that a potential customer may have at the beginning
  • Engage the customer’s interest through effective rapport

f you want to be more effective in your role and deliver improved results whilst also developing your skills and confidence, then this course will deliver on all levels.

This is a half day or one day fully interactive course dependent on numbers and your organisations requirements.

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