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People Skills – a pre-requisite of leadership

 “Portable” leaders need people skills. As  careers become more mobile, employers and educators must adapt This article in the FT is as true today as it’s always been Leaders have always needed people skills. Research by The Carnegie Foundation, endowed by the industrial philanthropist  Andrew Carnegie, found that successful people exhibit certain key skills and … Read more

Controlling excessive worry & stress

Stress: control stress & even make it work to enhance your performance

Spent an inspirational session with 11 Law Society lawyers discussing how to control stress and even make it work to our advantage by using it to take our performance to new highs. As is typical with the topics AXIO specialise in there is no straightforward answer. The solutions are not black and white because we work with people. So the same problem has a different solution depending on the people and the circumstances. What causes one person stress another may well find stimulating – for example going down a zip line or sky diving is a dream come true or the stuff of nightmares. In the case of lawyers some find practising in a court room highly stimulating for others it is terrifying.  The answer is to work with the energy the experience produces.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Emotions such as  excitement, anxiety and anger share the same bodily symptons including increased heart rate, butterflies / flip flopping tummy and breathing heavily. So the technique is to turn anxiety into excitement  by telling yourself you are excited. You have to fake it til you make it – in other words it’s necessary to keep telling yourself you’re excited until you actually feel it.

Using stress positively stimulates athletes to record breaking performances and gives mum’s superhuman powers when you read about them lifting a car off a baby’s buggy after a car accident.

Engaging, fun & helpful

This session  underlined one of AXIO’s key strength which is in the ability of its coaches to take participants out of their comfort zones to share their fears and challenges which allows for peer coaching so the solutions come from the group. The seminar was summed up when the organiser emailed that it was an engaging, fun and helpful .

To find out how you use positive stress to enhance your performance go to ……

Distinguishing between true motivators to overcome dissatisfaction

Recognising the important  distinction between “True Motivators” and the “Hygiene Factors” is crucial  according to Herzberg’s theory of motivation. This sprang to mind when reading this headline in the FT Myth of ‘Dickensian’ conditions in menial jobs must be dispelled, say recruiters. A leaders motivation skills are the key to recruiting and retaining good people … Read more

Executive Development for ‘next level’ business performance

How often have you considered executive development for yourself? Senior people in the business world seldom schedule in time to focus on their own development and their effectiveness. Often it is just too tempting to carry on working as we always have – after all that’s what’s brought our success so far isn’t it? Well, … Read more

Top 16 Time Management Tips to improve productivity

Improve your time management with these tops 16 tips Having effective time management skills are skills that help improve your work productivity but also your home-life productivity. Here are 16 time management tips to help improve your time management skills and be more productive in life. Top 16 time management tips to improve productivity 1. … Read more