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Late Summer Offer – 20% Discount

As all successful businesses know it is important to keep topping up the skills of our people as a way to get the best business results and also retain the good staff that we have invested a lot of time and money in. Sometimes though, due to the ups and downs of business, training and development of our people can be put off till a ‘better time’ or ‘when we are better positioned’ to afford it.

At Axio Development we recognise these facts and to assist businesses in this, our late summer offerings are here to enable you to take advantage of professional quality training at affordable prices:

20% discount on all courses and stand-alone workshops booked during October 2019

Benefits of this offer:

  • Discount applies across the board to all stand-alone workshops and

         training programmes

  • Gives you greater flexibility to get the training and development you

         need for your people at an affordable price

  • Once booked during October 2010 training can be scheduled at a

         future date to best suit your business requirements.

To take advantage of this offer NOW click here.

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