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Team Building Skills Course

Course Overview

From Vision & Goal Setting through to Recognition, Appreciation & Praise this Team Building Skills Course takes a detailed look at the ingredients for building & leading high performance teams. Collaboration and working smarter are key to meeting and exceeding expectations in the increasingly competitive world of work and the ability to build and energise successful teams is a leadership must.

In order to get the right people on your team your team has to be compellingly attractive to the right people. This course will show you how to do that.

This team building skills course will enable you to Analyse the Triangle of Success to identify the ingredients that enable organisations and individuals to outperform both the competition and their previous achievement levels. The Cycles of Development and the Coaching Cube will help explain the dynamics of  a high performing team including understanding moods and attitudes.  Experience Gaining and Insight, a simple yet effective exercise to get to know your team batter and what they need to build performance. 

Determine the purpose of the team. 

  • What is the vision they have been recruited to achieve.?
  • How to articulate a vision
  • Identifying the stepping-stones to achieve that vision
  • Setting performance goals.
  • Skill sets needed to achieve those performance goals
  • What roles are needed within the team?
  • Setting out the key performance indicators for those roles.

The smooth running of the team depends on these elements which are also covered:

  • RAP – recognition, appreciation, praise
  • Problem solving – empowering the team to solve problems for themselves
  • Communication: overcoming barriers to communication including questioning & listening skills
  • People skills: melding complementary personalities into one unit.
  • Use of the Coaching Cube to promote positivity.
  • Personal development plans and skills matrices
  • A simple guide to analyse your team

You will leave with a tool kit that equips you to build and retain high performance teams.

This course is suitable for:

  • All colleagues in a team leadership role and any about to be promoted to one

Download your free Milestones self assessment sheet here: Milestones to Success – Teambuilding Skills

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Questions about the Team Building Skills Course

Important to the success of most organisations is the ability of the leaders to build effective teams. The main goals of team-building are to improve productivity and motivation. Taking employees out of the office helps groups break down departmental and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and can have a direct impact on the bottom line performance of the business. Its also important to have some fun!

Most important for good team dynamics is that they communicate openly with each other, sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas with other members of their team, as well as taking into consideration what others have to say. Good communication is essential for keeping track of progress and working together efficiently on tasks. A team that communicates well and respects the different members will be much more effective in the workplace. 

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Learned how to lead a team effectively
  • Shared what good teamwork looks like
  • Understood the causes of conflict
  • Applied skills in managing conflict
  • Given praise and recognition for good team performance
  • Taken part in teambuilding exercises in order to practice new skills

If you are a manager, supervisor or leader and wish to build strong team relationships, this is the course for you.

This is a half day or one day course dependent on numbers

When all team members are working to the same goals, understand each other and share and success and failure equally as a cohesive team, then success will be the inevitable outcome of this close working team relationship.

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