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Consultative Selling Training Course

Course Overview

This consultative selling training course is a needs-based selling approach that focuses on building a relationship with a prospect or customer. It focusses on identifying a solutions-based approach to their challenges through open-ended questions and active listening.

This consultative selling training course enables participants to develop the skills, attitudes, behaviours and confidence to enable them to clearly identify clients’ needs and develop long-term, repeat relationships.

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Questions about the Consultative Selling Training Course​

A salesperson who practices consultative selling works towards  developing  a deeper, nuanced understanding of the buyer’s needs and fulfills those needs with a customised solution. Consultative selling begins with establishing a relationship before moving into discussions about needs and outcomes.

Once the correct information and needs are understood, the salesperson then uses that information to recommend the best possible product (or service) to meet that need. Consultative selling frequently works hand-in-hand with value-added selling, an approach in which a salesperson presents customer-specific benefits related to their product or service

The focus of consultative selling is on value, whereas transactional selling is about the product.  In a transactional sale, value lies within the product and price becomes the primary selection criteria. Any salesperson who hears price as an objection is selling transactionally.

Consultative selling is relevant and necessary in today’s selling environment precisely because it provides a foundation for building client trust. Salespeople need to bring new ideas and insights to help clients better understand their business issues and identify the best solution to meet their business goals. However, just bringing those ideas does not mean clients are receptive to the ideas or willing to invest in them. Trust is a necessary ingredient to the client being truly receptive the seller’s ideas and opposing viewpoints. If trust does not take root early on, the salespersons best ideas will remain suspect, and clients will look to other providers whose ideas they trust.

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Developed a consultative, added value selling model to improve results and generate opportunities
  • Learnt how to become more of a resource and problem solver for the customer
  • Identified clearly your customer’s needs and offer the ideal solutions through the use of an in depth evaluation process
  • Effectively handled buying objections
  • Ensured that you deliver both tangible and intangible benefits to your customers 
  • Develop the skills, behaviours and techniques needed to successfully deliver solutions that win business 
  • Be aware of client developments and market trends

If you want to move your sales skills and results to the next level and develop a more professional approach, then this is the course for you.

This is a two day course ideally spaced 2 weeks apart to allow for application of skills learned.

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