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Communication Skills Courses

Choose from our list of skill based training courses below, all tailored to fit your needs.
Our trainers don’t just train, we ensure you have the skills needed to continually achieve your goals.

telephone skills

Telephone Skills Training

The telephone is one of the most common methods of communication in the modern business world yet it is often poorly used. On this course you will be given the chance to practice all of the skills necessary and also to build your confidence and assertiveness in the use of the telephone.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Course

Develop the ability to communicate with impact and present well,  important skills in business today. Whether engineer or accountant,  sales person or executive, the harsh reality is that in both formal and informal situations, decisions are often made on your personal performance alone.


Communication Skills Training Course

Enhance business communication skills and build confidence in communicating effectively in a wide variety of situations.  Develop both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and the ability to better influence the outcome of all business communication.