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Sales Training session in North Yorkshire

Customers attended our Sales Training session at Springboard Business centre in Stokesley North Yorks this Tuesday. We had a great session where we covered the whole of the sales process:

  • Pre-approach and preparing for the sales conversation – including the use of social media
  • Preparing a ‘why talk/why meet’ statement’ – written from the prospects point of view
  • Use of the telephone to set appointments
  • Relationship building and rapport
  • Professional needs analysis – detailed use of an effective questioning process to fully understand customer needs BEFORE talking about what we do
  • Preparing a proposal – including facts and benefits which relate directly to the buying motives uncovered during the questioning
  • Handling objections and questions
  • Gaining commitment for the business and the next steps

We had a lively group for the sales training who were all experienced in sales but also realise that they can all learn new tips and techniques. Here are some of the comments from the participants:

“I learnt how to be confident in selling both myself and my business”

“Using the in depth questioning process will help me to sell facts and benefits to the client and improve my credibility”

“Using the 6 step questioning process to better understand client needs – this is something I had not done enough of before”

“Using the questioning to get the customer to open up and thus better fit your solution to their needs”

“Using more open questions to get people talking and discover their true buying motives, will make a big difference for me”

It was a great sales training session and all who attended felt it was a worthwhile investment of their time. As always the proof of success will come from the determined application of what they learned in the real world of business and we are committed to following up and supporting them in this.

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