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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

Here is a reminder for all of you who need to brush up on your presentation skills that we are running a one day Presentation Skills training course in the centre of Manchester in September. Places are still available and will be allocated up to a limit of 10 people – any more than that and we will arrange a second date. Ten is the maximum because of the way we run the course and give individual feedback to each of the participants.

Date: 20th September 2018

Venue: 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, next to the station

Timings: 9.30 am start, 4.30am finish

Costs: £199 plus vat per person

Contact: David Taylor  07810 482419

David Kemp   07952 379863

The ability to communicate with impact and present well is an important part of success in business. It is a vital skill to enable us to stand out from the crowd. Whether engineer or accountant, sales person or executive, the reality is that we are all in the business of sales and in both formal and informal situations, personal performance is a major factor in how our customers make decisions to work with us or ‘buy’ from us.. The skills on this course work not only in a presentation situation – they are just as useful in a one to one meeting where we need to be more convincing and believable.

We essentially look at three phases of how we come across to others:

Preparing Yourself

How we look accounts for 55% of our impact and influence, so often decisions will be made about you, your company and your message within 30 seconds of the first interaction. We will provide honest feedback that people need on how we come across to others, in a constructive way, together with a whole range of tips and advice on presenting yourself at your very best.

 Preparing the Content & Structure

We will help you to decide exactly what you want to say, and show you how to present it – concisely. Learn how best to tailor your communication to your audience, the environment and the end result, and receive valuable tips on using PowerPoint, and flipcharts.

Delivering With Confidence & Influence

Having prepared yourself and your material, we then coach you through some straightforward exercises to practice your techniques in order to build confidence and skill.

Throughout the day there will be 5 presentation situations we will cover:

 PRESENTATION 1 – Communicating your credibility. How to do this in a way that says you are serious and professional

PRESENTATION 2 – Representing your organisation/department/depot. Working on a way you can be prepared in any situation to convey belief and conviction in what you do

PRESENTATION 3 – Explaining technical/complicated issues and handling questions. Getting across your message in a simple, understandable way that enables others to understand without bombarding them with technical detail

PRESENTATION 4 – Delivering with confidence and influence. How to really hit home with your message and become ‘congruent’ in your delivery

PRESENTATION 5 – Motivating people into action. Ensuring that your customers and colleagues see the benefits for them in doing what you suggest

 If it is important to you that you are more effective, believable and convincing in front of your customers, managers and colleagues then this Presentation Skills Training day is for you.

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