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Presentation Skills Training Day

Presenting to a group

Presentation Skills Training Day Back by popular demand, they say! Well we have been asked for this course again several times recently so we are running a one day Presentation Skills training course in the centre of Manchester in September. Date: 20th September 2018 Venue: 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, next to the station Timings: 9.30 am … Read morePresentation Skills Training Day

How to articles – Sales Skills


Sales Skills Today we will cover all of the steps in the process of developing professional sales skills and how they fit together, from making the initial contact with potential customers, through to getting the order and following up with a view to getting repeat business. At all stages it focuses firmly on building and … Read moreHow to articles – Sales Skills

Customer Service Training Ideas

Customer Service Training Ideas  If you want your organisation to deliver better customer service, here are some practical customer service training ideas, exercises and activities that will help you instil some of the key skills and attitude changes that are important. These are tried and tested techniques used by organisations both large and small to … Read moreCustomer Service Training Ideas

People Skills – a pre-requisite of leadership

 “Portable” leaders need people skills. As  careers become more mobile, employers and educators must adapt This article in the FT is as true today as it’s always been Leaders have always needed people skills. Research by The Carnegie Foundation, endowed by the industrial philanthropist  Andrew Carnegie, found that successful people exhibit certain key skills and … Read morePeople Skills – a pre-requisite of leadership

Controlling excessive worry & stress

Stress: control stress & even make it work to enhance your performance Spent an inspirational session with 11 Law Society lawyers discussing how to control stress and even make it work to our advantage by using it to take our performance to new highs. As is typical with the topics AXIO specialise in there is … Read moreControlling excessive worry & stress

Stop, Look and Listen! That’s what we were always told.

Stop, look, listen. How many of us remember that when we were being told to be safe crossing the road? Good advice and still is. There has recently been a study into our use of listening skills in terms of understanding others better. It was carried out at Yale University in the US. The study … Read moreStop, Look and Listen! That’s what we were always told.

Executive Development for ‘next level’ business performance

How often have you considered executive development for yourself? Senior people in the business world seldom schedule in time to focus on their own development and their effectiveness. Often it is just too tempting to carry on working as we always have – after all that’s what’s brought our success so far isn’t it? Well, … Read moreExecutive Development for ‘next level’ business performance

Top 16 Time Management Tips to improve productivity

Improve your time management with these tops 16 tips Having effective time management skills are skills that help improve your work productivity but also your home-life productivity. Here are 16 time management tips to help improve your time management skills and be more productive in life. Top 16 time management tips to improve productivity 1. … Read moreTop 16 Time Management Tips to improve productivity

The lack of Soft Skills Training in the workplace

There has been much reported in the media this week about the lack of soft skills in the workforce today, especially in young people who are coming into the work environment for the first time. Schools are also reinforcing the lack of this training in the curriculum. Why is it that soft skills training has … Read moreThe lack of Soft Skills Training in the workplace