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People Skills – a pre-requisite of leadership

 “Portable” leaders need people skills. As  careers become more mobile, employers and educators must adapt

This article in the FT is as true today as it’s always been

Leaders have always needed people skills. Research by The Carnegie Foundation, endowed by the industrial philanthropist  Andrew Carnegie, found that successful people exhibit certain key skills and attitudes and the ability to deal with people is high on the list. One of Carnegie’s key lieutenants,  Charlie Schwab, justified his $1,000,000 a year pay cheque back in the 1920s because he was good with people.

Key threads

AXIO’s programmes are built on the fundamentals of people skills and communication. They are the two threads that consistently run through the training we deliver. Time cannot be effectively managed  without good people skills; motivating and holding people to account requires an ability to understand people; impactful public speakers are  good  because they are able to empathise with their audiences; difficult conversations cannot have successful outcomes without appropriate people skills.

Fundamental bedrock

People and communication skills are the foundations on which effective leadership is built and is why AXIO refer to them in all their interventions and consistently coach to develop them. 

So if you are an employer that is keen to heed the FT’s call to adapt contact AXIO on

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