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Motivating and Inspiring teachers

The difficulty in motivating and inspiring teachers is in the news again. As teachers prepare to start the new academic year reports in the media have appeared noting that recruitment targets have not been met for another year and in real terms teachers are £5000 p.a. worse off.

This underlines the challenge the heads and their leadership teams face motivating and inspiring teachers as these hard pressed professionals face mounting pressures to achieve more with less resources.

At AXIO we are looking forward to continuing to support those schools we work with and who successfully motivate and inspire existing colleagues and attract new starters. They achieve this seemingly impossible challenge through a menu of effective methods. We coach to introduce realistic Key Performance Indicators with the intention of making it clear to teaching and support staff how much they achieve which is the trigger for timely praise and recognition. Pragmatic sessions covering Time Management, Planning & Prioritising reduce stress, provide clarity and improve efficiency. Motivation workshops take theories such as Maslow and Herzberg and then apply them to the situations specific to individual schools.

The real impact comes during the accountability and feedback sessions when AXIO coaches work one on one and in groups to ensure the techniques delivered during the courses are applied during the school day. In this way we ensure that the skills are embedded and applied consistently in the workplace thus delivering motivation and inspiration required.

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