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Distinguishing between true motivators to overcome dissatisfaction

Recognising the important  distinction between “True Motivators” and the “Hygiene Factors” is crucial  according to Herzberg. This sprang to mind when I read  this headline in today’s FT Myth of ‘Dickensian’ conditions in menial jobs must be dispelled, say recruiters.

In attracting and retaining good people motivation is key and we still have much to thank Herzberg for. When AXIO deliver motivational training courses to leaders there is always a pragmatic discussion about the power of  “True Motivators” such as recognition, achievement and responsibility and the “Hygiene Factors” which include money, company policies, work conditions and work life balance. If the latter are missing there is  dissatisfaction but when they are present do not rely on them having a motivating effect. They simply get a company to the starting line in terms of employee relations. The good news is that True Motivators don’t have to cost the employer anything financially just an awareness of those in leadership positions of their importance and a commitment to ensure they are in place. And it’s not only in menial jobs where they matter. As Ryanair’s gripping, business saga unfolds the suggestion from the pilot’s camp is that money isn’t the issue, their grievance seems to stem from  a lack of other hygiene factors such as work conditions, personal life (taking holidays) and relationship with the leadership team.

To use the analogy of a yacht – the hygiene factors keep it afloat (the hull) the true motivators move it forward (the wind in the sails)

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