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Change – Are you flying in formation?

As the argument about who is in the BREXIT driving seat trundles on there is one undeniable consequence that irrespective if the exit is soft, hard, cliff edge or gently sloping it will bring about change for many organisations. It is said that change is the only constant in today’s world. Changes can come from within organisations or by external forces, they can be optional or mandatory and change often brings about uncertainty and fear of the unknown. These are all natural human reactions and we should recognise and embrace them. All change can be managed in some way or other – its no good leaving it to chance and hoping for the best. If you want guidance on dealing with change in your organisation then contact us to find out how AXIO can support you and your people. Visit our website to review the types of change courses we run.

And when it comes to reflecting on who should be in the driving seat the Flight of the Buffalo by James Belasco and Ralph Stayer is definitely worth a read. Is it clear who is in charge in your organisation? Are you the alpha male – or female – type leader that leads their herd from the front until they drop out from exhaustion or are usurped by a younger, fitter stronger model?  Or like the geese on their long migrations does your organisation share the leadership so that the leadership team ensures the organisation is flying in formation in the right direction and conserves their energy for the long haul? AXIO  also delivers programmes to optimise the leadership style of your organisation to best suit the circumstances you face. Whether its first line or board level leadership that needs improvement, it’s all on our website.  Make contact and we’ll arrange to meet and discuss your situation in detail.

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