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Accepting & Implementing Change

Course Overview

Accepting and implementing change in the workplace can be a difficult task. Learn skills and techniques to effectivlty manage and motivate the people around you.

This accepting and implementing change training course provides leaders and managers with skills and techniques on how to effectively manage and motivate people through corporate, cultural, departmental or organisational change.

  • Effective communication of change
  • Understanding emotion responses and resistance
  • Selling the benefits
  • Change management principles
  • DREC change curve
  • Developing vision and objectives for change
  • Building and maintaining momentum

This course is suitable for:

  • Managers and Senior Managers
  • Those who have the responsibility for leading and managing people through change in the workplace

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Questions about the Accepting and Implementing Change Course

By the end of this one day course, participants will have:

  • Understood the emotional and practical impact of organisational change on people
  • Identified ways they can positively lead and motivate people through change
  • Developed skills for effectively communicating change and dealing effectively with any negativity surrounding change
  • Identified ways to help team members cope with change
  • Understood how to maintain a positive attitude to change

This training course is designed for all who have a responsibility for leading and managing people through change in the workplace.

This is a one day course, tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your business and people

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