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Changing the Culture Training

Course Overview

Changing the culture in a workplace setting is a daunting task. This course is designed to develop your processes to allow a smooth transition and improve day-to-day operations.

Culture change in an organisation is a skill which is needed more and more in today’s business world. As markets and sectors evolve ever more quickly its important to react and see the direction the business needs to go in. This often involves a change of culture and as people are regularly heard to say ‘this is the way I’ve always done it’ this can limit their ability to cope with the new culture required. 

This course is designed to show how to lead a team through the process and show them that they can operate at a different level and to buy into the statement that ‘What I ask you to do today may not necessarily be what I  ask you to do tomorrow or next week/month but that the end vision and goals are still relevant

  • Defining the current culture
  • Developing the new, more relevant culture
  • Selling the reasons for changing
  • Identifying the new skills required
  • Letting go of the past or old way of working
  • Recognising and overcoming the obstacles which may arise
  • Recognising and sharing success

This course is suitable for:

  • People at all levels in a business
  • Key infuencers who people respect and look to for guidance

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Questions about the Changing the Culture Course

By the end of this one day course, participants will have:

  • Worked on understanding and developing the new culture required
  • Identified the key people and processes which will drive the change needed
  • Developed the ability to motivate and sell the benefits to people at all levels especially to ‘resistors’
  • Identified ways to help team members cope with the new and untried
  • Worked on their ability to maintain a positive attitude and also the ability to ensure that success is recognised and celebrated

This training course is designed for all who have a responsibility for defining and leading the culture change in a business.

This can be both a half day or one day course depending on numbers and the culture change required.

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